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  • Catriona Holt

8 Best Nail Art Tools

Nail art
Nail art by @bm_nailtech

Nail art is exploding in popularity. And we can see why. It’s like the nail plate has become a canvas for creativity, individuality and best of all, fun. There are just so many interesting and innovative ways to let your nails steal the show.

While a nail technician has the trained eye and steady hand to create the nail art look you’re after, it’s also a lot of fun giving it a go at home. True, it takes practice but having the right nail art tools helps. A lot. Here’s few we couldn’t be without.

Thin tip brushes

Nail art thin tip brushes
Nail art brushes by Semilac

Nail art is all about precision which is why a set of super thin tip brushes is essential to get the lines and curves you want. If you can’t find nail art brushes then artists’ brushes will do just as well. Remember to clean the brush with acetone after use.


Manicure tape for nail art
Manicure tape by Semilac

Manicure tape is the secret to straight lines in your nail art whether it’s criss cross, parallel or vertical lines you’re after for your design.

Nail dotting tool

Nail dotting brush for nail art
Nail dotting tool by Semilac

A nail dotting tool will help you create ultra precision dots in your nail art. Usually double sided they’ll give you the option to create small or medium size dots.

Nail art foil

Nail art foil
Nail art foil by Leevia

To add shimmer and sparkle to your nail art, you’ll adore nail art foil. Usually available in a range of shades.

Nail polish correction pen

Nail polish correction pen for nail art
Nail correction pen by Parfumdreams

Mistakes are all part of the learning process. And when you’re starting to do your own nail art, there are going to be mistakes. That’s when it’s time to whip out the correction pen. Choose one with a fine tip to help correct detail work.

Good quality top coat

We highly recommend applying a really good quality top coat once you’ve completed your nail art design. Think of it as a protective seal over your art work while nourishing your nail at the same time.

Manicure tools

Your nail art will look magnificent on nails that are manicured and looked after. To help keep your nails looking great it’s worth having good manicure tools at the ready.

Nail oil

If you use a good quality nail oil on a regular basis, your nails, and the skin around them will be hydrated and nourished. The perfect backdrop to your nail art canvas.

Ready to give nail art a go for your self? Check out our blog for nail trends to get inspired for your nail art designs. You can shop all our manicure products in our online shop.


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