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  • Catriona Holt

How To Make Your Nails Dry Faster

How to make your nails dry faster

Anyone else watch every second on the clock waiting for your nails to dry? Or holler if you smudge your newly manicured nails? Whether you’re doing your own manicure at home or being treated to a salon manicure, it’s the time it takes to dry that most people dislike, especially if you do get a smudge or dent in the process.

So what can you do to speed up drying your nails?

  1. Apply thin layers of polish Although it may seem quicker to apply full thick coats of polish, it actually has the opposite effect. Several thin, light layers will dry more quickly and give the same depth of colour.

  2. Let each layer dry for two minutes Slowly apply a thin layer of polish to your thumbnail, then move on to your index fingernail and work your way through to your small fingernail. It should take around two minutes to put a thin layer on each finger, so by the time you’ve finished your small fingernail you’ll be ready to apply the next thin layer on your thumbnail. Saves you from watching the clock!

  3. Use the cool setting on a dryer Turn your hair dryer or fan to a low, cool setting and gently direct it at your nails. Make sure there’s no heat in the air as this can cause fresh polish to bubble.

  4. Lighter colours dry faster If you really need your nails to dry fast, it’s worth noting that lighter colours dry quicker than darker colours because of the pigment used.

  5. Apply quick-dry drops A drop of quick-dry drops on each freshly painted nail can cut down on drying time. The drops work by absorbing the solvents in the polish which thins it out helping it to dry faster but all the while keeping the colour intact.

  6. Fingernails dry quicker than toenails If you’re treating yourself to a pedicure as well as a manicure, opt to do the pedicure first as toenails take longer to dry than fingernails. So while you’re doing your manicure, or getting it done, your toenails can be drying to perfection.

  7. Quick-dry top coats We highly recommend you use a top coat on newly manicured nails. Not only does it help to add shine to your nails, it also helps to protect nails from chipping and denting.

  8. Keep your nails free To give your nails the best chance of being smudge and dent free, keep them away from socks, tight shoes or gloves for a short while after you’ve got your pedicure or manicure done.

While it’s lovely to take the time out to treat yourself to freshly manicured nails or pedicured feet, sometimes you’ll need the results a bit quicker so you can move on to your next thing. So, try to take these tips on board and hopefully that’ll be the end of any hollers.

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