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  • Catriona Holt

Nail Trends This Autumn And Winter

Dare we say it but we’re starting to turn our attention to the upcoming party season. And after a year of having to cancel special events and fun times, we are thinking this party season is going to be one that we will fully embrace. As the evenings get darker it’s time to think how we can add a little extra warmth, colour and sparkle to our lives. Nails... it's showtime!

The nail trends for this autumn and winter definitely reflect the good times we’re all ready to jump at and enjoy.

Playful nail tips and designs

These nails, with the two tone nail tip, are an autumnal play on the pastel tips loved during the summer months. They ooze warmth and interest, creating a little extra glamour for the season.

Glittering tips to adore by @amyle.nails. These nails are on trend and oh so eye catching.

Let your creativity go wild. Play with autumnal colours, play with your imagination and reap the results.

Autumnal warmth

For a sophisticated look this party season, this look has it all. Regal sophistication in one beautiful colour.

Why choose one colour when you can choose a few? There is so much warmth and interest in these autumn colours and they blend just perfectly. Meant to be.

Wooded browns have never been so on trend. It's all there, the colour, the shape, the style.

Beauty in simplicity

Sometimes a look comes along and it just has staying power. Red, in all it's wonderful shades, has that. We see it and we just think fun times. Add a little bit of glamour with golden flecks.

The equivalent of the little black dress, black nails with a high gloss finish ooze perfection.

Get the look

This autumn and into winter, get creative with your nails. Play with colours, change up the nail tips, be inspired, add that sparkle and interest we all need. And most importantly of all, have fun with it.

Check out our full range of CND Vinylux colours and get your nails party ready or book your salon manicure today.


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