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  • Catriona Holt

Which Foot File Is Right For You?

Something we’re often asked in the salon is which foot file is the best to help combat dry skin and keep feet in good condition. There are a few different styles of foot files on the market but there are three we recommend, depending on the condition of your feet.

Grater foot file

If you have really dry heels then we recommend the grater foot file. This foot file removes dry skin very effectively. However, only use this file a maximum of three times a week. Over filing heels can cause an adverse effect where the skin will start to protect the area by producing more skin which will come back thicker, harder and faster than before.

The best way to use this foot file is to file small areas of skin over time and apply a balm to the feet after use.

The file itself is very easy to use. The grater is stainless steel and can be removed to make cleaning very easy. We use this foot file in our salon for pedicures.

Slim style grater foot file

If you have sensitive feet we recommend the slim style grater foot file as the surface is smoother than the grater foot file. It is also great for people with smaller feet or if you have dry skin under your toes as the shape of this foot file makes it easy to get into hard to reach areas.

Another great use of this foot file is if you suffer from verrucas. The grater is very effective at easily pearing verrucas down. If you’re using the foot file for this purpose then we recommend using a separate foot file for the rest of your feet.

Large foot file

Large foot files are usually double sided with a wide pad. The grit on the pad is similar to the grit on nail files making it suitable to use this foot file everyday.

Known as a maintenance foot file, the large foot file is best used on dry skin when you get up in the morning. It acts like a buffer for feet particularly on the heels and underneath the toes. It’s a really nice treat to use on feet and it also helps to get the blood circulating first thing in the morning. We highly recommend including this foot file in your daily foot care routine.


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