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  • Catriona Holt

Tips For Streak-Free Nail Polish

Tips for streak-free nail polish

When you're doing your own manicure at home you'll be keen to get your nails looking as close to how the professional would do it as possible. Sometimes it's the streaks in the finished application which are the giveaway that you haven't quite mastered the art of the nail technician just yet. Follow our five tips on how to banish streaks for good and you'll soon have envious looking nails.

Top tips for streak-free nail polish

  1. Apply a base coat especially if you are applying white or pastel nail polish colours. The base coat creates a smooth opaque layer on your nail plate in preparation for taking the nail colour.

  2. If you don’t have a good base coat, another way of achieving a good foundation on your nail is by applying a matte top coat as a base layer. It will have the same effect of creating a smooth layer on the nail plate as the base coat.

  3. Another way to create a smooth, streak free finish of nail polish is to build up your layers of nail polish using very thin layers. Give each layer time to fully dry before applying the next thin layer of polish.

  4. Holding your brush at an angle of 45 degrees will stop brush strokes appearing on the nail polish. Starting at the cuticle, hold the brush up and then apply gentle pressure on the brush so that the bristles fan out and swipe up the nail. This will give a smoother, more even look.

  5. Avoid putting too much nail polish on your brush. Remove excess nail polish from both sides of your brush to ensure you only apply a small amount of polish to the nail.

It can take practice getting your nail polish streak-free, so be patient, practice on your own hand, and anyone else you can find, and have fun with it.

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