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How to file your nails like a pro!

Did you know that filing your nails can cause damage to the nail plate if not done correctly?!

Many people use a "saw" like motion when filing which can cause the nails to split. Overtime this will lead to weak nails and may affect the growth of the nail.

Choosing a nail file

When filing the natural nail it is important to choose the correct nail file.

Natural Nail: 240-600 Grit

Gel Polish/ Acrylic/ Gel Nails: 80/100/180

The different types of nail files are designed for different uses, so it is important to select the right one. An easy way to remember is the higher the grit, the smoother the file.

How to file the nails correctly:

When filing your natural nails, always start from the outside corner going into the middle go the nail. Try to imagine your nail in two sections, file to the right first and then to the left.

When you file in one direction it prevents the nail from splitting and tearing.

Once you have finished filing use a fine grit buffer to smooth any edges this will prevent the nails from snagging in clothes.

Nail Shape

It is best to go with the shape of your natural nail and avoid reshaping the nail to suit a trend. Reshaping the nails works best if you have Gel Polish or Acrylic nails as they act as a protective barrier to prevent the nail breaking.

Following the nail shape of where your nail plate ends and the free edge (edge of nail plate) begins is a good guide. If your natural nail grows straight across a soft square shape would work best. If your nail edge goes deeper into the side walls then a round shape will work best.

A soft square shape can be achieved by filing straight across and then gently rounding both edges of the nail plate. This is also know as a "squoval nail shape" and is very popular.

Nail Tools & Products

Always invest in quality nail products. Remember that our nails are there to protect the distal phalanx, the fingertip, and the surrounding soft tissues from injury. We need to protect and care for our natural nails daily.

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