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  • Catriona Holt

Evoke Feelings with Colour

How colours help to evoke our feelings

Sometimes we choose nail colours, or any colour, based on what suits our skin tone or what will look best on us. But often we choose colours based entirely on what we’re drawn to. That is because colours are closely linked to our emotions and choosing certain colours can evoke different feelings, often without us realising.

How colours can make us feel

Colours have the power to alter our emotional response based on their brightness, shade, tone or tint. They can make us feel happy or sad, calm or raise our heart rate, and even make us hungry.

  • Warm colours These colours can make us feel happy and energetic. They are also attention grabbing and can make you stop and think. These colours include red, orange and yellow.

Strong colours such as royal blue, turquoise, magenta and emerald green can also have a stimulating effect and make your feel energised.

  • Cool colours These colours can make us feel calm, relaxed and help spark creativity. They can also help us express sadness.

These colours include green, blue and purple and pastel toned colours such as baby blue, lilac and mint.

  • Happy colours These colours can make us feel uplifted and optimistic. The lighter the colour the more happy we will feel.

These colours include bright tones of yellow, orange, pink and red, as well as pastel colours like peach, light pink and lilac.

  • Sad colours These colours can make us feel reflective and thoughtful.

These colours include grey and muted tones of blue, green, brown and beige.

Colour choice is personal

While there is a known psychological link between colours and the way they can make us feel, colour choice is also subjective. A colour that makes one person feel uplifted or energised may have a different effect on someone else depending on their past experiences or their cultural heritage.

The next time you’re choosing a colour for your nails you might be more aware of your colour choice and what this says about how you’re feeling. Or you may be feeling a little stressed so consciously choose a calming colour to help you feel more relaxed. Play around with colours, tune into your feelings and see what happens on your nails.


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