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  • Catriona Holt

CH Essential Facial

The Essential Facial is a traditional facial using hand massage to apply all products for the ultimate relaxation.

The purpose of this facial is to deeply cleanse and hydrate the skin, to stimulate blood flow and circulation with a relaxing massage, decrease inflammation and improve overall tone and quality of the skin.

Creative Hands Essential Facial is a treatment like no other that relaxes the body and mind while simulataneously providing excellent skincare benefits.

The CH Essential facial is a besoke facial and suitable to all skin types.

What To Expect:

The CH Essential Facial is a 60 minute traditonal facial with the aim of cleansing and revitalixing the skin and also offering an hour to destress and relax.

How Often Should I Book In?

For individuals who are having their first introduction into facials, we will typically recommend a series of 10 Essential Facials paced 1-2 weeks apart and then a monthly maintenance treatment. However this is a treatment that can be done as often as you like, depending what your scedule allows for.

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Please be aware that if you have had BOTOX or a skin peel you must wait 1-2 weeks before having any facials.

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