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Shellac At-Home Removal

How to remove your shellac nails at home.

Creative Hands Removal Kit includes everything you need to remove your Shellac/ Gel or acrylic nails at home.

Our kits work on all gel polish brands.

What is included in your CH Removal Kit:

Removal Clips


2 X Nail Files

1 X Cuticle Stick

How to use:

Our clips are designed to remove your polish without causing damage to your natural nail plate. We are so passionate about protecting the natural nails and all of our products are designed around this.

Start by buffing the top layer off your polish. Saturate your cotton pad in acetone & apply directly to the nail plate. Apply CH Removal Clips and secure tightly. Our clips are designed to fit all finger sizes and have a three click mechanism to guide you while closing them.

Once you have carried out the above steps on all nails wait 10-15mins. Remove your clips, one at a time and using your cuticle stick push any remaining product off of the nail plate. Gently buff the natural nail to smooth.

Nail Care:

It is so important that you apply two coats of top coat or a nail strengthener to the nail plate and hydrate them daily using CH Nail Treatment Oil.

Leaving the nails bare can result in nails breaking. It is a myth that nails need to breath.

Healthy nails:

Nails need to be protected at all times.

Nails need to be hydrated daily.

A weekly mini manicure is highly recommended and can be carried out using your kit.

Product Care:

All products in our kit are 100% reusable.

Wash & Dry your removal clips and store in the package provided. Spray your files and cuticle stick with a sanitiser spray and allow to dry before storing.


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