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Creative Hands Nail & Beauty Tools

We are delighted to introduce our range of beauty tools designed to allow you create salon manicures & pedicures at home. Our three piece collection is made from stainless steel and is super sharp.

Double sided cuticle pusher

Designed to be used to prep the nails before applying polish. Our double sided nail tool allows you to easily remove dead cuticles from the nail plate and sides.

To use: Place the flat edge of the tool against the nail plate and glide the tool over the plate using gentle pressure. Any stubborn cuticle which you cannot lift simply switch to the sharper side and gently lift away.

If this causes any pain or discomfort you are applying too much pressure.

Cuticle nippers

Cuticle nippers are a must have! They are perfect if you suffer from stubborn hangnails as they quickly and easily remove the cuticle. When prepping your nails for polish you will use your cuticle nipper to nip away any dead cuticle that you have lifted with you nail pushers.

Creative Hands cuticle nippers are a standard size nippers, with fine blades designed specifically to nip off dead cuticles from fingers and toes.

It is important you never cut the live skin surrounding the nail bed. Besides causing damage to the living tissue, over nipping can also damage the protective "seal" between the nail and the finger inviting dirt and infection.

To use: To remove excess non living tissue, position the nippers just above the area where the hangnail is attached to the skin and very carefully nip once.

Never pull on the skin if it doesn't come off right away. If you are using them correctly it should never hurt or draw blood.

Triangle pusher

This pusher is designed to be used daily to keep cuticles away from the nail plate.

To use: Use gentle circular movement and light pressure. We suggest you apply Creative Hands Nail Treatment Oil while using our triangle pusher. This will help train your cuticle to stay back and keep nails hydrated.


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