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  • Catriona Holt

Nail Polish Colours For Younger Looking Hands

Nail polish colours for younger looking hands

Our hands are a giveaway for signs of aging. They are the first place on our body to age before anything else. After all, they do a lot, our hands. While regularly hydrating them can help reduce the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and dark spots, the right nail polish colour can trick the eye away from the hands and place all the attention on your nails.

Here are some of the best nail polish colours we recommend to distract from aging hands.

Orange undertones

Orange is one of the best colours to draw attention to the nails. It is a youthful, uplifting colour that helps to bring out the skin's natural glow without bringing out the blue hues of veins that appear on the hand as we age.

CND Vinlyux Dessert Poppy

CND Vinylux Dessert Poppy is a warm, bright colour with gorgeous orange undertones.

Orange based reds

To give hands a brighter, more youthful look then you'll want to choose an orange based red. These are great universal colours that look good on any skin tone and any age.

CND Vinylux Mambo Beat

CND Vinylux Mambo Beat is a vibrant red with gorgeous orange undertones.

Bright pink

To give hands and fingers a bright, youthful appearance then bright pink is a must-try. It does everything it should, draws the eye to the colour and it's brightness gives a lovely youthful appeal. There are two colours we adore to do just that.

CND Vinylux Hot Pink

CND Vinylux Hot Pink is so bright it pops off the nail.

CND Holographic

CND Vinylux Holographic is bright with soft undertones.

Nail shape and hydration

Opt for a curved or oval-shaped nail to help elongate the nail and give hands a more youthful appearance. Pay attention to your cuticles too and hydrating hands and nails with a good quality nail oil has so many benefits. One of the main ones being, more nourished, youthful looking hands and nails.

Our advice is to play around with bright colours. Find the one that draws your eyes in and brightens your day.


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