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  • Catriona Holt

What Is Builder Gel?

Hello!! Its been a while since I updated our blog at Creative Hands. I really miss updating you all on the latest beauty trends. Some of our clients let me know how they miss the blog and little weekly updates. So I am going make the time to update our blog and keep you up to date with the exciting things coming this year at Creative Hands and in the beauty industry.

Everyone has gone crazy for builder gel and so many of you are wondering what all of the fuss is about! We love the product at Creative Hands and it is ideal for anyone looking to grow their natural nails or who find they do not get 2-3 weeks out of their regular gel polish. Let me dive straight into what is is and if it is something I would recommend for everyone.

What Is Builder Gel?

Builder gel is a popular choice for those who want to have strong and durable nails. It provides a hard layer on top of your natural nails and can prevent them chipping and breaking. It is ideal for those who want to maintain their flawless manicure for a longer period of time.

How Is Builder Gel Applied?

We apply it in a very similar way that regular gel polish is applied. We prep your natural nails, apply to nail and cure. We apply to max two nails at a time rather than applying to one full hand and then the other. The treatments is slightly longer than your regular gel polish appointment as we work on sculpting the polish to make it look natural.

Can I Choose A Colour?

Absolutely! So builder gel is available in different shades and you can opt to just have one of those shades as your finished look or you can choose a regular gel polish colour to go over your gel polish.

How Often Do I Have To Rebook?

We suggest rebooking within two weeks after your first application as we need to ensure that there is no lifting and reshape the product to make it look as natural as possible on your growing nails. After that visit we suggest booking in for a infill every 3-4 weeks.

How Is Builder Gel Removed?

We infill builder gel for your first four appointments and then we suggest having it completely removed and replied. To infill we remove the top layers and smooth out your builder gel, we then sculpt more product in where your nail has started to grow and set under the lamp, we apply your chosen gel polish colour and top coat, set under lamp and apply nail oil.

To full remove builder gel you can do so by booking online HERE and we will remove in the salon or you can buy our removal kit which has everything you need to remove all salon nails at home. SHOP HERE!

I hope this helps answer any questions you may have had about this service. If there is anything more please leave a comment or contact us at BOOK ONLINE TODAY

Catriona Holt


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