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  • Catriona Holt

9 Steps To Easily Remove Salon Nails

We love artificial nails. The colours. The longevity. The fun. In the past removing them though wasn’t always such a fun experience which is why we created our very own Creative Hands Removal Clips. Part of the reason behind creating this fab product was to make it a whole lot less fiddly and messy but the main reason is to ensure you can safely remove your nails at home. When applied, maintained and removed correctly, artificial nails will not cause any damage to the nail.

Please note:

All gel polish manufacturers have different guidelines for removing their product such as soak times and buffing. Always refer to your gel polish manufacturer before removing your nails to check their recommendations.

Step 1 - Buffing

  • If buffing is recommended by your gel polish manufacturer, use a 100/180 buffer to gently buff the surface of your gel polish colour.

  • Use a slow, gentle filing motion from one side of the nail to the other.

  • Removing the shine will break the top layer, allowing the acetone to work more effectively once you apply it.

  • Take special care not to file through to the natural nail and be careful around the edges so as not to damage the surrounding skin.

Step 2 - Preparation

  • Place a towel down to protect surfaces before you carry out the removal process.

  • Take five cotton pads and cut them into 10 halves. Half a cotton pad provides the perfect size to fit neatly underneath our removal clips.

Step 3 - Soaking

  • Take a cotton pad and saturate it with acetone.

Step 4 - Application

  • Place the soaked cotton pad on one finger, being sure it covers the whole surface of the nail.

  • Place our removal clip over the top and give it a gentle squeeze to ensure a snug fit between the cotton pad and the nail. You will hear three clicks to ensure a tight, snug fit. The tighter the bond, the more effective the removal.

  • Repeat this process on all five fingers of one hand.

  • Allow the acetone to work. We recommend a minimum soak time of 10/15 minutes. However, all gel polishes have slightly different soak times so please be sure to check with the manufacturer.

  • Other factors can also affect soak times. These include poor preparation and application techniques, thickness and the length of time that the gel polish has remained on the nail.

Step 5 - Removal

  • After 10-15 minutes, remove the Removal Clips and cotton pads. You should notice that the gel polish has started to lift away from the natural nail plate.

  • Take the manicure stick provided and using the lightest of pressure, gently remove any excess polish. If this requires any more than absolute minimal pressure, the gel is not ready to be removed.


  • If your gel hasn't started to lift after the initial 15 minutes, increase the initial soak time by 10 minutes or until the gel can be removed easily, without using any force whatsoever.

  • If any gel remains, saturate your cotton pad and reapply with Creative Hands Removal Clips.

  • Note: If your gel hasn't lifted or completely removed after 30 minutes, please seek advice from a nail professional. Never file to completely remove gel coatings from natural nails. Never pick, pry, force or peel gel coatings from the natural nail.

Step 6 - Repeat

  • If you are doing each hand separately repeat steps 1-5 on the other hand.

Step 7- Disposal

  • Dispose of used cotton pads and removed gel polish by placing them in a metal closed-top bin.

Step 8 - Wash and buff

Wash your hands to remove any dust and debris. Using Creative Hands nail buffer gently buff the surface of your natural nail.

Step 9 - Rehydrate

Keep your nails in great condition by massaging a drop of Creative Hands Nail Treatment Oil into each nail. Sweep the oil around the cuticle area and massage it in to nourish and condition the nail plate and surrounding skin.

Creative Hands Nail Removal Kit

Our Nail Removal Kit contains everything you need to remove your gel nail polish at home. Your kit contains enough product to remove at least ten sets of nails. All products can be used over and over and acetone can be bought separately on our website if you need to replace it.

WARNINGS: Gel polish contains acrylates, which if not properly cured can be harmful to the skin and cause allergic reactions over time. Please therefore use every care not to touch the removed gel polish and dispose of it quickly and carefully in a closed-top metal bin. This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children at all times.

CAUTION: The Creative Hands Nail Removal Kit includes acetone which is highly flammable and may cause drowsiness or dizziness. Please follow instructions on the bottle. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, hot surfaces and direct sunlight. No smoking. Store and use in a well-ventilated place. Keep acetone away from all clothing and surfaces, especially plastic. Wash hands after use. Place a towel down to protect surfaces before you carry out the removal process.


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