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  • Catriona Holt

Preventing Dry Hands

Steps to prevent dry hands

Dry skin on our hands is not something we often think about during the warmer summer months but as the seasons change and colder weather sets in, it can cause our skin to react and lose moisture. Especially on our hands. Other factors contributing to dry skin on our hands include frequent hand washing, not drying hands thoroughly and exposure to chemicals.

What we suggest

There are many ways to help combat dry skin on your hands. These include:

  • Using a manicure scrub: Manicure scrubs are great for hydrating your skin. Apply a small amount of manicure sugar scrub to your hands and using circular motions work from the fingertips to the elbows. Rinse your hands and arms, then dry thoroughly.

  • Hand cream: Moisturisers help to restore lost moisture and seal it into the skin. Apply a good quality moisturising hand cream to your hands several times a day.

  • Wearing gloves: Use gloves if your hands are regularly in water, for example, if washing dishes. Gloves will help protect the natural oils in your skin.

  • Treating hands overnight: For really dry hands, apply a good quality moisturiser at night and cover your hands in gloves or socks. When you wake in the morning your skin should be noticeably smoother.

  • Using nail oil: Nail oil is not only fantastic for hydrating nails and cuticles it is also great for moisturising hands and arms. Add an extra drop to your fingers and moving in circular motions spread the oil over your hands, wrists and arms.

Keeping hands hydrated

The best way to keep hands from getting dry and cracked is prevention. We always say, don’t wait until dry hands become an issue, try to prevent it by creating a daily skin care routine for your hands. Wash hands, dry them thoroughly and apply your moisturiser of choice, whether that’s a good quality hand cream or a nail oil that will work it’s magic.

Check out our manicure products and wellness range to help keep your hands hydrated and happy as the seasons change.


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