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  • Catriona Holt

Gift an experience this Mother's Day

Creating the Spa Experience at Home this Mother’s Day

It’s fair to say we’re coming out of one of the hardest winters many of us have ever experienced. The combination of lockdown, kids at home, not being able to visit or gather with loved ones and icy winds after icy winds has left us all - especially the fabulous mothers amongst us - needing a little extra pampering this Spring. And while a day at a spa is off the cards this Mother’s Day, at Creative Hands we’re here to help bring the spa experience into your home with our Spring Wellness Collection.

We all know that while it’s the spa treatments that make us feel rejuvenated, it’s the scent of the spa that makes us feel instantly relaxed and comforted. That is why we’ve taken such care to bring you scents we know will help you recreate the spa experience in your own home.

Our Spring Wellness Collection

Our Spring Wellness Collection is bursting with beautiful citrus scents. We have chosen a combination of warming ginger with refreshing lemongrass essential oil because we know it is powerful enough to boost your mood and leave you feeling fresh and uplifted throughout your day.

The collection includes Epsom Salts, Body Cream, Manicure Scrub and a Candle and Diffuser.

Epsom Salts

We love bath salts. Settling into a warm bath with added epsom salts is one of the most restorative things you can do. And when we don’t have time for the whole bath experience we create a foot spa by adding ½ cup of epsom salts to a basin of warm water and then let our often forgotten hard working feet soak for 20-30 minutes. Pure bliss.

When you’re ready to lift your feet, simply pat them dry and apply moisturiser in circular movements, giving your feet a gentle massage. This will also help prevent cracked heels as we start getting ready for the summer months ahead.

Body Cream

Our rich and luxurious body cream hydrates and nourishes the skin. The lemongrass & ginger scent leaves a fresh and uplifting aroma on the body.

Starting with your feet, work your way up the entire body in circular movements to help stimulate blood flow and eliminate toxins in the lymph system.

Manicure Scrub

Our sugar based manicure scrub is gentle enough to be used daily to remove dry, dead skin cells from the hands and arms.

Apply a small amount to your palms and using circular movements, massage the scrub around your nails, fingers, hands and arms and then rinse with warm water. To lock moisture in, we recommend applying Creative Hands Nail Treatment Oil.

Candle and Diffuser

Create a wellness sanctuary anywhere, anytime in your own home with the lemongrass & ginger candle and diffuser.

Our favourite times to light the candle are first thing in the morning before the breakfast rush begins and later in the evening when the house has settled down. The scent that fills the air is instantly relaxing and uplifting.

All Creative Hands candles are made using soy wax which means a clean, toxin free burn in your home for up to 30 hours.

Our Spring Wellness Collection, and all our collections are available at

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