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  • Catriona Holt

BIAB vs. Gel Polish: Understanding the Key Differences

In the world of nail care and beauty, there are various techniques and products available to achieve that perfect manicure. Two popular options are BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) and gel polish. While both promise long-lasting, durable nails, they are distinct in their application, purpose, and results. In this blog post, we'll explore the key differences between BIAB and gel polish to help you make an informed choice for your next nail treatment.

BIAB (Builder in a Bottle)

1. Purpose:

- Strength and Length: BIAB is primarily designed to provide strength and length to your natural nails. It's often used for nail extensions or to reinforce weak or brittle nails.

2. Application:

- Layering: BIAB involves applying a layer of a thick, self-leveling builder gel to the natural nail. This process creates a strong, durable base for your nails.

3. Appearance:

- Natural Look: BIAB nails typically have a more natural appearance compared to traditional acrylic or hard gel extensions. They are flexible and less prone to chipping.

4. Maintenance:

- Regular Infills: BIAB nails require regular infills to maintain their strength and appearance. The maintenance interval varies but is usually around two to three weeks.

5. Removal:

- Professional Removal: Removing BIAB nails should be done by a professional to avoid damage to the natural nails. It often involves filing or soaking in acetone.

Gel Polish

1. Purpose:

- Colour and Shine: Gel polish is primarily used for adding color and shine to the nails. It's an excellent option for those who want vibrant nail colors that last.

2. Application:

- Single Layer: Gel polish is applied on natural nails or nail extensions. It requires a base coat, color coat, and topcoat, each of which is cured under UV or LED light.

3. Appearance:

- Wide Variety: Gel polish offers a wide range of colors and finishes, from glossy to matte. You can achieve intricate nail art and designs with gel polish.

4. Maintenance:

- Minimal Maintenance: Gel polish requires less frequent maintenance compared to BIAB. It can last for two to three weeks without significant chipping or fading.

5. Removal:

- Soak-Off Process: Gel polish can be removed through a soak-off process using acetone. Many people choose to remove it at home using our at home removal kits. Check them out here.

Choosing the Right Option

Now that you understand the differences between BIAB and gel polish, how do you choose the right one for your needs?

- If you want added length and strength: BIAB is the go-to choice, especially if you have weak or brittle nails.

- If you prioritize vibrant nail colors: Gel polish offers a vast array of colors and finishes to suit your style.

- For a natural look with minimal maintenance: Consider BIAB for its durability and longevity.

- If you enjoy changing your nail color frequently: Gel polish allows for easy color changes without the need for frequent infills.

Ultimately, your choice between BIAB and gel polish should align with your nail goals and personal preferences. Whether you're looking for added strength, stunning colors, or a combination of both, both options have their merits and can help you achieve the perfect manicure.

I hope this helps you.


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keith hansen
keith hansen
Dec 21, 2023


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