Do you want to learn how to grow long healthy nails?

August 21, 2017


Hi Everyone,  


I receive mails every month asking the million dollar question! "What can I do to help my nails grow healthy and strong"?! 


These are three tips I share with all my clients who visit me at Creative Hands salon.




While they are important to have, as they protect the nails from infection, they can also prevent nail growth. When they attach to the nail plate they stunt the growth of the nail and this can lead to splitting of the cuticles and short, weak nails.


My advice is to soften the cuticle and push back gentle using slow circular movements. An orange wood stick is perfect to help you do this. Any dead tissue can be nipped using a cuticle nippers however it's important not to cut any living tissue. It is best to book into your local nail salon and have this carried out by a qualified nail technician. 


Nail Lacquer 


Always wear a protective polish on the natural nail. If you do not like to wear a colour coat always wear a base or treatment polish. Never leave the nails exposed. It is a myth that nails need to breath. They get all the nutrients they need through the blood supply. 


Morgan Taylor "Go Ahead And Grow" is my go to polish at the moment. An all in one treatment and base coat. It contains keratin and Vit E to promote longer, stronger nails. I recommend applying two coats and top them up every three days. Check it out HERE!


CND Solar Oil


My clients will tell you that I am constantly checking in to see are they using their oil daily! It is so important, especially while wearing gel polish. It nurtures, strengthens and hydrates the nails, cuticles and surrounding skin. I have yet to find a nail oil that is as good! To give you an idea of the amount you should use, a 3.7ml bottle should only last three weeks. 


So there you have it my top tips to longer, stronger nails.


  • Push back cuticles weekly

  • Apply Go Ahead & Grow every three days

  • Use CND Solar Oil

All products can be found in the "Nail Care" section on Let me know if it works for you!


If you have any other question please feel free to email me or Facebook me.


Catriona Holt



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