Our Lime Epson Salts are infused with lime essential oil that is sure to invigorate your sences.  Lime has many known benifits which include aiding in digestion, promotes healing, reduces inflamation to name a few. 


Soothing and Reviving, our EPSOM Salts are designed to relax tired and aching muscles. Our salts are designed to cleanse the body, mind and relax muscles as well as increaseing magnesium levels. Our salts also boast a beautiful citrus essetial oil scent. Specially chosen to help people during times of stress.






Add one cup of Epsom Salt to the bath. Soak for 20mins. Do not rince off salts. Pat dry and apply CH LIME BODY CREAM.


Foot Soak 


Fill a basin with water. Add 1/2 cup of salt. Soak for 20mins. Thoroughly dry feet and moisturise using CH LIME BALM


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