CH Removal Clips are designed to remove gel polish* safely from the nail plate. 


*any brand of gel polish including SHELLAC, Gelish, Gel Bottle, Manicure Company etc


Our kits also include everything you need to remove Gel & Acrylic nail extensions.




Creative Hands Removal Clips

Acetone 250ml

Natural Nail File

Nail Buffer 

Cuticle Stick 

CH Nail Treatment Oil



How To Use :


Please check out our instagram for videos on how to use our clips and also daily beauty tips.


1. Buff off 30% of your polish 

2. Saturate your cotton pad with acetone & apply to nail plate

3. Secure actone with Removal Clips 

4. Leave for 10 mins

5. Use cuticle stick to remove any remaining product from the nail plate

6. Buff nail and apply Nail hardener of choice or a top coat 

7. Apply CH cuticle oil over entire nail plate and hands.




Please Note we reccomend you use CH Nail Treatment Oil every night to achieve/maintain healthy, strong nails. We also suggest you wear a clear polish on your nails daily to protect the natural nail plate.




Removal & Repair Kit