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Lavender essential oil is known for releiving stress, anxiety and aiding sleep. When essential oil is used in candle form the aroma will be released intensely while lit. 


Soothing and Reviving, our EPSOM Salts are designed to relax tired and aching muscles. Our salts are designed to cleanse the body, mind and relax muscles as well as increaseing magnesium levels. Our salts also boast a beautiful citrus essetial oil scent. Specially chosen to help people during times of stress.






Add one cup of Epsom Salt to the bath. Soak for 20mins. Do not rince off salts. Pat dry and apply CH Lavender BODY CREAM.


Foot Soak 


Fill a basin with water. Add 1/2 cup of salt. Soak for 20mins. Thoroughly dry feet and moisturise using CH Lavender Body Cream



"I created our Wellness Collection to encouage more women to carry out selfcare rituals each day. A ritual can be simple, as simple as lighting a candle and taking three deep breaths in though the nose and out through the mouth. Find the right ritual for you and see the benifts to your overall wellbeing once you make it a habit in your daily life."




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Lavender Epsom Salts