Berry Contrary

  • "Breakthrough shine and wear....Patent Pendibg Gelish Infised technology bonds with nail lacquer for up to 10 days of wear" 


    ✔️Chip Resistant 

    ✔️Works with any nail lacquer system 

    ✔️Quatim Shine 

    ✔️No LED light needed

    ✔️Up to 10 days of wear

    ✔️Soak free removal 


    ✔️Provides Radical Coloyr Adhesion 

    ✔️Works with any lacquer System 

    ✔️No LED light needed

    ✔️Up to 10 days of wear 

    ✔️Soak free Removal 

  • Inspired by luminous pearls, raw gems, semi precious stones, glimmering silvers and radiant gold all drawn from the earth. The exclusive Morgan Taylor Lacquer is infused with rare and precious elements.
    All pigments are saturated, pure and finely milled for luminous metallic, never before seen shimmers, decadent cremes, stunning sheers and more glistening glitters.
    The payoff-smooth, even, long-lasting colour with a gorgeous professional finish.