• Catriona Holt

Do You Want To Reach Your Highest Self?


Its Sunday! One of my fave days of the week as it means I get to create what my week ahead will look like!

I say create, because making a plan means that you get to decide what works best for you, and your family.

On Sundays, I sit down and make out a plan for each day ahead - including next Sunday. I pop Sophia down for her nap, boil the kettle, and reach for my pen and paper. Its something I absolutely love doing.

I start by dividing my page into ‘Personal | Work’.

I list all the necessary tasks like food Meal Plans and Food Shopping, then I write my To Do List, and then I sort all those tasks throughout the days of the week.

I’ve realised having a list like this stops me procrastinating (and that’s one of my favourite pastimes) but, sadly, it won't get you to your Higher Self!

This week is all about starting from scratch to becoming the best version of myself.

I’ve found, throughout the last couple of weeks, that I’ve been heavily influenced - because I didn't have plans in place to keep me focused.

I spend way too much time on social media which means I’ve bought so many clothes that I didn't need, baked and ate far to many delicious foods & lost motivation.

Its time to declutter my life; clutter doesn’t allow you the time or space to achieve your goals.

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I am starting today!

Join Me!

Our main goal: Visualise your Highest Self, and Start Showing Up for Her.

Once you do this you can achieve anything you set you mind to!

Catriona x

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