• Catriona Holt

Spray Tan Can Boost Your Confidence!

Spray Tan is a instant and easy way to lift your mood and make you feel good about your body. 

We have listed 5 Spray Tan Benefits below:


After asking a number of our clients feedback on our tans and how they feel after a tan. 100% of you said it gives you confidence and makes you feel good. Hearing that feedback is incredible.


All good spray tan therapists will be able to apply an even mist all over the body and advise the perfect home-care advice to ensure your tan has no streaks or lines. An even application and golden glow instantly will lift your mood and make you feel good. Having tan applied perfectly to the hands and feet is a must!


You have control over what shade of tan you want. We can offer you advice on what we feel will work best with your skin tone. At Creative Hands we have over 6 options of spray tan shades so there is choice for everyone. From a sun kissed glow to mahogany the choice is yours.


One of the biggest benefits to sunless tanning is that it is safe. You can get that golden glow without having to expose and burn your skin. SPF is always advised even while wearing spray tan. Spray Tan will not protect you from the suns rays.


Spray Tan will give you that instant glow and allow you to go from pale to golden in minutes. At Creative Hands we offer a spray tan without the tanning scent and stickiness of other tans so you can return to work or go about your day while your tan develops.

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