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How To Stay Motivated To Reach Your Goals

Consistency is one major key ingredient to achieving your goals and it is probably one of the most difficult things to sustain especially when self employed.

Setting goals and visualising your dreams can be super motivating and fun however when things don't happen as you imagined, you get sidetracked, stress gets in your way or you run into obstacles the drive and determination you started with can decrease rapidly. This is one of the main reason gyms around the country are so busy January and February and then slowly people start to step away. 

Are you worth the time, dedication and hard work it takes to achieve your goals?

I think you are! I think that you deserve everything good and I truly believe anything you set your mind to you can achieve.

So I have put together a little plan to help us all achieve our goals this month. 5 steps to maintaining motivation.

1. Set Realistic Expectations 

Give yourself a realistic goal this month. Something that you know you can achieve without having to make big changes to your work or family schedule. Something that you can do daily and each night feel a sense of accomplishment that you achieved it. 

eg: This month I am going to drink 2ltrs of water daily. Might sound easy but for some this is actually a difficult task. The benefits of staying hydrated are endless for both mind and body. It will reduce sugar cravings, stress and promotes better sleep. Whatever your goal is hydrating your body will support it.

2. Get Organised

I always say organisation is a major key to success. Setting yourself up for the next day can relieve so much stress. Something as simple as setting out the kids uniform, leaving out the car keys, having your own outfit/gym gear ready for the day. All of these little things means you have less decisions to make and more time to focus on achieving your goals.

eg: We will continue to use the water challenge as our example. Find a two ltr bottle and fill with water. Leave it on your work desk, or somewhere you will see it throughout the day to remind yourself to keep filling your glass. Seeing your two ltr bottle empty is a sense of achievement in itself. 

3. Journaling

Track your progress. There is something so fulfilling about ticking off a list at the end of the day. Visually you can see all you have achieved and that will give you a sense of pride building your self worth. 

4. Speak to like minded people 

This is so important. Surrounding yourself with the right people can be so inspiring. When days get tough and motivation is dropping having people who are positive and uplifting will give you the boost you need to get back in the drivers seat and keep going. These people may not even know they have inspired you or helped you. Its may be their energy or a storey they share freely about something they love. Whatever it is surrounding yourself with the right people will help you grow in the right direction.

5. Take your time.

We are now exposed to instant images and reports of success and successful people on a daily basis. Achieving great things seems so easy and not many share the more difficult side of their journey. Just remember that slowing down and taking baby steps towards your goal is still  going to get you to where you want to be. It will also mean that once you achieve your goal you will not be overwhelmed but rather you will clearly be able to appreciate all you have done to get to where you are. Listen to your body. If it needs you to rest and sit still then thats exactly what you need to do. Enjoy the journey because more often than not that’s the best part.


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