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Dripping Gold Spray Tan: Frequently Asked Questions

I have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about our tanning brands. To begin let me just tell you what brands we offer. I have been providing spray tans for over ten years so I am very particular when it comes to what brands we use and how it is applied to the skin.

1. EXPOSED ( We offer 3 different shades in this brand)

2. Dripping Gold

3. Wow Brown

4. Cocoa Brown

Can you tell me the difference between the tanning brands you offer?


Exposed is my personal favourite tanning brand. We offer it in 3 different shades and what I like most about this product is the wear off. Once applied it dries within seconds leaving no tacky residue on the skin and no smell. This makes it an ideal tan if you make an early tan app and need to leave it on during the day or if you need to return to work after being sprayed. EXPOSED fade off is incredible. Once you moisturise daily the wear off is even and you will not be left with tanning marks. We offer a light, medium and dark spray in this range.

Dripping Gold:

We offer Dripping Gold Dark in our spray tan range. This will give you a deep golden glow. Dripping gold glides on flawlessly to the skin with no tacky residue. It has a light sweet scent. It is suitable for all skin types and feedback tells us that it works great on dry skin conditions such as eczema. The ingredients are hydrating within the tan so you will find that it does not dry out the skin. However we still recommend you moisturise daily after your spray tan.

WOW Brown:

Wow brown gives a medium glow to the skin. It dries fast which again means no tacky residue. I find WOW Brown has a stronger scent than the previous two tans. I personally don't like a tan that has a scent however this is an extremely popular tan in the salon so it is personal preference.

Cocoa Brown:

Cocoa Brown develops faster than our other tanning brands however it has a strong smell and the fade off is not good compared to other brands. I would recommend this tan to someone who needs a tan in a hurry and can not wait 6-8 hours for it to develop. If you decide to go for this tan I strongly recommend you use and intensive moisturiser as it dries out the skin.

How long do I leave my tan to develop?

With all tans I recommend leaving them to develop over night however if this is not an option I would recommend at least 6-8hrs. Make sure that you avoid getting your hands wet during this time and wear lose clothes and flip flops so you will not mark your tan.

Cocoa Brown tan takes 4 hours to develop however we still recommend you leave it on longer.

What shade does each brand offer:

EXPOSED: Light, Medium, Dark

Dripping Gold: Deep Golden Glow

Wow Brown: Medium Golden Glow

Cocoa Brown: Light/ Medium depending on development time

How long should my spray tan last?

If your prepare your skin and maintain your tan daily you will get the best results from your spray tan. Click HERE to read how to prepare and maintain your tan. We suggest your tan will last 4-7 days.

Are these tanning brands suitable for people with allergies?

If you suffer from any skin conditions we recommend you chose EXPOSED or Dripping Gold. We also recommend you have a patch test 24-48hrs before having a spray tan.

Can tans be used on the face?

Yes, you can have tan applied to your face. If you suffer from dry skin or open pores we recommend you don't apply tan to the face as tan can clog pores and cause breakout.

How much does a spray tan cost?


Dripping Gold €20

WOW Brown €20

Cocoa Brown €15

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