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Spray Tanning: How To Prepare For Your Appointment

Prior to any spray tan skin preparation is paramount to achieving the best results. Hair removal, exfoliation and hydrated skin is essential to achieving the best results.

Wax/Shave & exfoliate minimum two days prior to your appointment. This gives the follicles time to close so tan will not clog the pores or cause ingrown hairs. Moisturise daily to keep skin as hydrated as possible.

Tanning Day

Prior to your appointment have a shower and AVOID all creams, deodorants, moisturisers after your shower. Your skin should be free of all product prior to your tanning appointment. If you are coming from work and do not have a chance to shower before appointments we have showering facilities in the gym or we also provide wipes to remove deodorant etc.

We offer disposable underwear which is optional, many people feel comfortable wearing their own and that is perfectly fine. Others may opt to not wear any underwear as they do not want any tanning lines. We will work with whatever feels the most comfortable for you. We will begin by tanning your back and then guide you on what way to move so we can ensure an even tanning application.

Once your tan is applied we will dry the tan and ask you to avoid putting back on a bra or any clothing that will mark your tan. We advise all clients to wear dark lose clothing and to bring flip flops to ensure your tan remains perfect after application. Depending on which tan you opt for the development time will vary between 6-8hrs.

After this time you can have a shower avoiding exfoliation or scrubbing. Moisturising is paramount after your shower and to get the longest effects from your spray tan we recommend you do this daily. Liberally apply all over the body and enjoy the gorgeous results of your spray tan for 4-7 days.

When booking your tanning appointment please don't be nervous we are here to help you and guide you through the appointment. You don't need to know what way to stand or you are not expected to know what tan will suit you best. We will offer you all the support we can at each appointment. Many women avoid having a spray tan due to concerns over skin conditions, scares or marks on their body. Please remember that our only aim is to help you to look and feel your absolute best. We want you to be comfortable and we want you to leave feeling more confident and glowing. Getting a spray tan in our opinion instantly boosts your confidence and you look and feel so good.

Looking forward to seeing you at the spray booth :)

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Thank You all so much for your support to date.

Catriona x

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