• Catriona Holt

Important Benefits of Manicures & Pedicures

When you think of having a manicure or pedicure do you feel that it is just an occasional way of pampering yourself? While it is a relaxing treat and we do deserve to be pampered, having regular manicures and pedicures can also be beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing.

Here are the top three benefits of having a Manicure or Pedicure:

Improves Blood Circulation

Both treatments incorporate a massage which will slightly increase and improve blood circulation. This will ease any tender joints or muscle pain you may have.

The massage promotes relaxation which will help you sleep better as your body and mind will be relaxed. A 2010 study published in the Journal Of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that massage boost patients white blood cell count which play a major role in defending the body from disease.

Human Touch, in a context that is safe, friendly and professional, can be incredible therapeutic and relaxing which can sooth anxiety and depression.

Health & Condition Of The Nail Plate

With regular manicures and pedicures the chances of your nails developing fungi and other infections are reduced. That is of course once you choose a professional salon that has high hygiene standards. Removal of dead skin and deep cleaning of the hands and feet encourages new cell growth, leaving your nails stronger and healthier.

Smooth & Soft Skin

Cold weather can be harsh on our skin especially our hands as they are exposed a lot of the time. Manicures and pedicures during this time will keep your skin soft and hydrated. We also encourage home-care for our clients and recommend using an oil over a cream as they are absorbed by the skin easier so faster results are achieved. Regular removal of dead skin on heels is recommended to avoid cracked sore heels in the summer. Removal of dead skin should be done using safe tools and never over exfoliate as this can actually cause the skin to grow back stronger and thicker.

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