• Catriona Holt

Wrapped In Riches: The Manicure Company

The Manicure Company has released the perfect collection for the festive season.

Wrapped in Riches has the ultimate party colours from the sparkliest glitters to the deep rich chocolate browns.


Is a mid-tone chocolate brown shade. Silky and opaque the perfect nude for winter.

Faux Fur:

Is deep chocolate brown shade. It is a silky opaque that is so indulgent.

Lavish Living:

Is out of this world! This stunning shade has a Blue Grey base and is full of dark holographic shimmer. So it changes in certain lights.

Penthouse Suite.

This is Lisa's favourite out if the collection. This is a deep burnt gold with specks of holographic glitter to add that extra bling.

Vintage Pearl:

Is an off-white cream shade with subtle specks of gold. A stunning shade for the winter. It can also be a contender for a Bridal nail choice also.


Is a Champagne colour with flecks of subtle silver glitter throughout.

The best news is we stock them all!!! Book Your appointment HERE!