• Catriona Holt

The Difference Between AHA and BHA Exfoliants

There is no doubt in my mind that the best exfoliants are products that contain leave on AHA or BHA. These will almost immediately improve the appearance of your skin. The most common questions in relation to these are: Why do we need to use them? What is the difference between AHA and BHA?

Why do we need to exfoliate?

We shed skin daily however it slows down over time as a result of age and excess skin exposure. This leads to dull, flaky, clogged skin with enlarged pores, bumps, wrinkles and loss of skin tone. When we use AHA or BHA exfoliants we are helping the skin gently remove its buildup of dead skin the way it did naturally when we were younger. Exfoliating reveals the beautiful, soft, hydrating skin that is trapped beneath the dead skin cells.

AHA and BHA act to unlock the dead skin cells on the surface. Once these are unlocked gently and evenly the skin naturally sheds. This will result in younger, smoother looking skin.



  • Diminish the look of lines and wrinkles

  • Make skin look and feel firmer

  • Hydrates

  • Improves the look of dull skin and uneven skin tone

  • Smooth out rough texture

AHA is recommended for normal to dry skin & sun damaged skin due to its ability to enhance natural moisturising factors within the skin. It has also been proven to reduce the visible signs of sun damage. It can be bought in a liquid form and applied to the skin like a toner. Buy It Here!

BHA is generally used on normal to oily skin types and its perfect to combat bumps, clogs, blemishes and enlarged pored. It is gentle enough for sensitive skin as it contains calming properties. It is perfect for skin prone to milia which are hard, little lumps generally found around the eye area.

AHA & BHA is also amazing on the chest and neck area to even skin tone and reduce skin damage.