Choosing the right FOUNDATION for you!

Choosing the right foundation for your skin type can be hard and frustrating, but once you find it, it will give you a flawless base and even tone. The secret to finding the perfect foundation is knowing your skin type and the coverage you desire.

Oily Skin:

If you have oily skin you probably struggle with your foundation separating and look shiny at the end of the day. Before applying the foundation use a mattifying primer or one that will absorb the excess oil like the Inglot HD corrective primer. This will help the foundation stay in place and and give even coverage. For foundation you want o combat the shine by using mattifying foundations that don't contain any oils. If you prefer a more natural look go for a powder foundation such as Bare Minerals or Fuschia. If you use a non powder foundation be sure to use a powder on your oily areas.

Dry Skin.

If you have dry skin, your skin will lack in moisture and a feeling of tightness. The skin may appear red and flakey. Completely avoid powder foundations as they absorb oil they can enhance rather than disguise it's appearance. Prep the skin with your best moisturiser suitable for dry skin to keep the skin hydrated. Opt for a liquid foundation that will keep the skin looking hydrated, if you prefer a matte look, try a liquid that dries with a powder effect to minimise the appearance of dryness. you can also try and illuminating primer under your foundation.

Combination Skin.

Finding the perfect foundation for combination skin can be a little bit tricky as you want something that will keep everything balanced, minimise oil and doesn't draw attention to the dry spots.

Before worrying about foundation consider a primer. This will keep oil under control throughout the day keeping your makeup looking fresh.

For your foundation try something thats long wearing with a matte finish. In the Maybelline Fit Me foundation they have a 'matte and poreless' for oily and a 'dewy and smooth' for dry skin. A good tip is that you can mix the two together. Always make sure to set the oily areas with a powder to keep foundation in place.

Sensitive Skin.

Using the wrong foundation can really irritate the skin leaving your complexion looking drier and dull. Watch out for some ingredients such as alcohol and fragrances as these will cause your skin to have a reaction. Avoid waterproof foundations as they can clog pores and are harder to remove. The best types of foundation would be mineral makeup but it all depends what works best for you. Look at the ingredients and avoid the 2 mentioned above and take note if there is any other ingredients that cause irritation.

Mature Skin.

As our skin matures we develop fine lines and wrinkles. You want a foundation that won't settle in them making them more prompt. Opt for a light coverage liquid foundation or a tinted moisturiser. These types of foundations will give off a younger. luminous looking complexion.

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