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All you need to know about Lashes

What lash extensions do you use at creative Hands?

The eyelash extensions we use at Creative Hands are Mink lashes.

These lashes are made from silk fibres, which emulate natural lashes. The mink lashes are really lightweight and soft to touch.

The extensions vary in sizes and thickness, we will use the perfect size for your natural lash.

We offer 2 different types of lashes Classic and Russian. They are both from the same material but the Russian lashes are thinner and a more advanced technique is used.

What Lash styles do you offer?

Russian Lashes:

Russian lashes are thinner and a more advanced technique is used. The procedure is very delicate and much more intricate than classic extensions: absolute precision is a necessity. Russian Volume Lashes can have anywhere from 3-6 super fine extensions applied to a single natural eyelash, SAFELY. The method for applying these super light extensions is by creating a "fan" consisting of anywhere from 2-8 extensions. This technique allows for a whopping 700 or more extensions to be applied per eyed gives an incredibly dense and lush look. They are so light you will hardly notice you are wearing a lash extension at all.

Classic Lashes:

The Classic lashes are applied by 1 extension applied to each 1 of your natural lashes. We use mink fibres as they are the softest and most natural. A typical full set of Classic lashes can vary from having 40 extensions to 150 depending on the clients desired look and how many natural lashes they have to begin with.

The Mascara Look:

The Mascara look we offer is where 1 extension is applied to every 2nd natural lash. This gives a more natural look like you are wearing a really good mascara.

Corner Lash:

The corner lashes are 30 lashes applied to the outer corner of the eyes to give that flirty look.

Do Lashes cause damage to the natural lashes?

They are not damaging to the natural lash as they come off when your natural lash sheds off. The only way lashes can damage the natural lash is if the extension are too thick or too long for the natural lash. Once you follow the aftercare properly, your lashes will last better. Check our blog post HERE for all the aftercare tips.

We do recommend a patch test 24-48hrs before your appointment.

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