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Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

Eyelash extensions accentuate the beauty of your own eyes. At Creative Hands we use silk mink lashes. The treatment is relaxing and you leave the salon with beautiful, natural lash extensions along your own lash line.

To ensure your lashes remain salon perfect for 3-4 weeks we have put together some easy aftercare steps to follow.

EyeLash Extension Aftercare:

1. Avoid getting lashes wet for the next 24hrs. To protect them in the shower we recommend to use goggles to prevent them getting wet.

2. Avoid touching the lashes for the next 8hrs

3. No mascara or oily products at all. We recommend using simple wipes or the simple eye makeup remover. Ideally a cleanse off mitt is gentle on lashes and will remove any eye makeup.

4. No Sauna or Steam room for 24hrs.

5. If you use any eyeliner we would recommend any kohl pencil or Maybelline Artliner as there is no oil and is easy to remove.

6.If you love your lashes and want to keep them looking fabulous we recommend refills every 3-4weeks.

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