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Sunless Tanning Tips: Preparing for your spray tan

We all want that glowing, confidence boosting tan without the UV rays-right?

At Creative Hands we offer three different types of spray tan however they all require the same skin prep prior to applying. We offer Cocoa Brown, WOW Brown & EXPOSED Spray Tan.

Skin prep & correct application is the key to having a even, sun kissed glow that will enhance your features and help you to feel your best.

We pride ourselves on providing the perfect spray tan application. We have perfected the application so that you do not have to worry about excess tan around the hands & feet and have found three of the best tanning products on the market that will wear off evenly after your treatment.

However it is important to prep your skin correctly prior to your spray tan appointment.

Creative Hands Top Tanning Tips:

  1. Exfoliate the skin for two days before your spray tan application. This allows the bronzing spray to absorb into fresh, clean skin. It will also create an even tan and help your tan last longer.

  2. Do not apply moisturiser before arriving for your spray tan appointment. Avoid deodorant and wearing make up also. Deodorant may interact with the tan leaving you with a green residue in that area. We advise showering just before your spray tan application. GoGym have showers located in their changing area that can be used.

  3. Wear lose-fitting, dark clothing to your appointment. We also recommend flip flops as runners/socks can mark or remove the spray tan.

That's it-you're ready to have the perfect tan application applied!

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