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Nail Oil: The importance of using a nail oil daily!

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I know my clients are tired of hearing me say¬†this (ūüėÖ)¬†but I¬†have to keep reminding you all on¬†the importance of using a¬†nail oil¬†especially if you are¬†wearing gel polish (shellac)¬†on a regular basis.¬†

It really is essential to ensure your nails remain hydrated and supple underneath the polish. 

It will also ensure you get longer out of your polish and will encourage nail growth. So why are so many people still not using it?

I know how easy it is to forget to apply when we have a million other important things to think of. I encourage clients to leave it beside their bed and apply last thing at night. Applying at night also allows the oil to penetrate deeply into the nail plate and cuticle area. 

Nail oil should be applied to the top and underside of the nails and massaged into the surrounding skin.

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Catriona Holt

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