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Waxing! Can it be a little less painful...?!

Hi Everyone ,

I am delighted to introduce WAXPERTS wax to Creative Hands.

I am regularly asked by clients is there anyway that waxing can be even a little less painful.....!

After years of working in the industry these are my top tips to ensure your skin is prepared for your waxing treatment. Clients have told me that these tips have helped them elevate some pain during the treatment so I hope it works for you...

Creative Hands Waxing Tips:

EXFOLIATE Exfoliate and moisturise everyday between wax treatments. This is essential to discourage ingrown hairs and will soften and hydrate the skin meaning hair removal will be less traumatic. Pre-wax exfoliation should always be done 24-48 hours before waxing.

SHOWER Taking a shower or bath before treatments will open up pores and allow hairs to come out with ease. Avoid applying moisturiser or deodorants to the skin prior to waxing as these can act as a barrier to the wax and may also cause irritation.

TRIM Long hair can be more painful to wax. First Time clients should have growth of about 1.5cm. Regular clients can trim a littler tighter 0.5-1cm

WEAR LOOSE CLOTHING This prevents irritation after waxing and allows the pores to breath. This needs to be avoided as it can lead to ingrown hairs

PAIN RELIEF If you have a very low threshold on pain take an over the counter pain killer 20-30mons prior to treatment. Please seek doctors approval first.

MENSTRAL CYCLE Some women find they are more sensitive 1 to 2 days prior to there period so schedule your appointment keeping this in mind.

A patch test must be carried out 24hrs prior to your first treatment.

You can book a patch test/ appointment here

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. If you have any questions please an email to info@creativehands.ie

Catriona Holt

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