• Catriona Holt

Creative Hands: Wednesday We Wear.....Nudes!

It’s only fitting that this Wednesday we’re crushing on nudes, right? With summer right around the corner, our girl crush Vogue choosing one of our favourite nudes this week, She’s My Beauty (if you didn’t catch the post earlier in the week, check it out HERE ), and nude being an all round deadly colour, we couldn’t not pick out some of our favourite nudie shades!

First up is Impossibly Plush by CND VINYLUX. This stunning colour is remenisscent of a soft mocha, perfect for those blessed with sallower skin, or of course perfect for those of us who engage in tanning Thursdays!

Next up: Svelte Suede . Slightly lighter than the Impossibly Plush, this shade will look great on any shape, or any length nail. It really is one of those colours that will stand the test of time, and go with everything.

The darkest of our three tan-nudes this week is CND VINYLUX’s Rubble . This warm, rich shade is delicious! Honestly, it looks good enough to eat. Again, perfect with a golden tan, Rubble is daring, sexy and powerful.

If you’re unsure what nude to go with to suit your own skin-type or nail shape, your nail tech will be happy to try out a couple before you decide which one suits you best.

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