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Creative Hands: Bridal Nails

CALLING ALL BRIDES TO BE! If you’ve got private Pinterest boards with your dream bridal hair and makeup, and haven’t given a second’s thought to your nails, then you need to read ahead.

You can be forgiven for forgetting your nails, especially with all of the hype that surrounds weddings, but let us tell you this, if you want healthy, strong, beautiful nails for your big day, you’re going to want to start the prep well in advance. Don’t forget, the main part of the day is getting an actual ring put on your finger, you’re probably going to want your nails in good shape, am I right? No to mention holding a bouquet all day; our hands feature a LOT on the big day!

Don’t fear, however, because there’s a lot that can be done for your nails, given you put the work in at the beginning. Having perfect nails doesn’t happen in just one manicure, but don’t worry, because there’s plenty you can do to ensure strong, healthy, beautiful bridal nails, just in time for your big day.

A question I’m commonly asked from brides-to-be is “when should I start my wedding nail prep?” If you have a healthy, natural nail, then six weeks prior to the big day should be fine. However those of us who weren’t blessed with healthy nail plates, a little more time may be required. In fact, if you suffer with weak nails that easily break or peel, I recommend starting your nail prep six months in advance.

Another common question or concern we get from our brides-to-be, is what kind of nail shape suits their fingers. You wouldn’t wear a shade of foundation that didn’t suit your skin, so why would you shape your nails in a shape that’s unflattering to your fingers? Here at Creative Hands, we assess each of our client’s hands, to determine a nail shape to suit them. If you’re unsure what type of nail shape to go for, here is our general rule of thumb (excuse the pun!)

Square With no soft edges, a square nail is perfect for short nails. However if you feel your fingers are a little one the plumper side, you do run the risk of your nails looking stubby! It can also be a difficult shape to maintain as corner can snag and break, so realistically, square nails are for skinny fingers, or strong nail plates.

Squoval This is the most requested shape at Creative Hands. It's just like square but with softer edges and far easier to maintain – perfect for long or short nails.

Round Round nails are great for shorter fingers. Round and almond nails can elongate and make hands look more slender.

Almond Very popular among the celeb world; the clue is in the title, as the nails resemble an actual almond – slender on the sides and wide at the base.

Oval Similar to almond but the tip is softer. Almond and oval nails look good on longer nails although it isn’t necessary to have the length if it’s a style that you really like, and can also look well on shorter nails.

Stiletto/ Coffin Dramatic nail trends were a massive hit last year. These styles should never be used on natural nails as they do not have enough strength, so if you’re looking for a dramatic look, for a dramatic bride, nails enhancements may be what you’re after!

When it comes to choosing a colour, brides often favour a French manicure, but we say “dare to be different!” As you may, or may not have noticed, here at Creative Hands, we’re obsessed with nude nails, and couldn’t think of a better choice for your big day. There are hundreds of variations of the colour nude, so there’s certainly one to suit everyone, no matter your complexion. However if you do decide to opt for a classic French manicure for your wedding day, don’t be afraid to try out different styles of French manicure, including different variations in the colour.

As always ladies, we’d love to hear from you, so if you’ve any questions on nail care, or the type of nails you want for your wedding day, please feel free to drop us an email at Info@creativehands.ie

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