• Catriona Holt


As you may have noticed, here are Creative Hand’s HQ, we’re a huge fan of EXPOSED tanning products. Today, we’re talking about their bronzing mousse, and tan eraser; two of our favourite products in the range.

Perfect for a fake tan novice, the EXPOSED Bronzing Mousse is quick-drying, paraben free, and has no smell. It gives a long-lasting, bronzed glow in minutes, for sun-kissed, healthy looking skin. Available now on Creativehands.ie.

Where would we be without our EXPOSED Tan Eraser? Say goodbye tan build-up with the EXPOSED Tan Eraser . This hero product, gets rid of tan in just 10 minutes. Simply apply to your skin, leave it sink in for ten minutes, and shower it off. Yep, it really is THAT easy! EXPOSED Tan Eraser is also great for prepping your skin the night before applying your tan. It's a must have tanning product!

Check out our full range of tanning products HERE.

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