• Catriona Holt

Mani Monday!

Hi Girls, Mani-Monday with Creative Hands is all about achieving the perfect nails for summer17!! Great nails don’t happen overnight, and while a lot of it is down to genetics, there are a couple of things we can do ourselves to create perfect, healthy nails without having to go to a salon. Get strong, healthy, summer-ready nails with CND in these three easy steps.

1. Hey Cutie-cle! Although cuticles are an integral part of the nail itself, and help prevent bacteria from entering the nail plate, they can actually inhibit the nail from growing, if not cared for properly. While we recommend getting a professional manicure every three weeks, to allow a qualified nail tech to remove any dead cuticles, in the mean time, you can keep them at bay, by gently pushing the cuticle back from the nail plate, using small circular motions!

2. Hydration We all know the importance of hydration when it comes to our bodies, and our nails are no exception. CND solar oil is packed with good Jojoba, which helps refuse visible signs ageing and vitamin E, which keeps the cuticle area soft and supple. Apply this to the cuticle area once the cuticles are removed for healthy, hydrated nails. We recommend using this at least twice a day for best results. PSST! Have you seen our tiny, handbag – size bottles of CND solar oil for hydrating on the go?

3. Coat It’s a common myth that nails need to breath, however applying a coat of polish to the nail is actually really important to help protect your nails. If colour isn’t your thing, and you prefer a nice natural nail, make sure you apply a clear coat of polish regularly. Although, if like us, you love a pop of colour, we recommend using CND VINYLUX . The long-lasting polish requires no base coat and dries fully in just eight minutes – no more smudgy nails, yay! To check out the full range of CND VINYLUX , check out Creativehands.ie

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