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Creative Hands: Bridal Nails

Creative Hands Top Bridal Tips:

1. Start your nail care routine as soon as possible.

Visit your nail technician and chat to her about the condition of your nails. Together you can come up with a plan on how often you need to visit. Remember to take into account your schedule and budget while doing this. Nail biters may need weekly visits however some client might only need to visit every three weeks. Starting your nail care routine at least 6 months prior is recommended.

2. Homecare Advice

When you leave the salon your nails will be polish prefect and silky smooth. However to make sure this is maintained while away from the salon it is important to look after your nails at home. Applying nail oil twice a nail is essential to keep your nails hydrated and supple. Wearing gloves while cleaning, applying handcream and gentle pushing back your cuticles should also be included in you homecare routine.

3. French Polish

A French polish is a very common colour choice among brides. However not many realise that these is so many different variations of this look and just as many shades of white and pink! The shape of the French C-Curve can either flatter your fingers or not! So it is important you trial nail looks and see what style suits your hands best

4. Colour

If you would like something different there are so many variations of nude shades that can be tried also. Remember to try at least six different shades as not all nudes suit all skin types.

4. Diet

Diet also plays a major role when trying to achieve long, healthy nails. Drinking at least 2ltrs of water daily is as essential for the nails as it is the entire body. I also recommend my client take Udos Oil. Check out my blog post January Detox to learn more about this.

5. Emergency Nail Kit

Along with your safety pins and plasters having a First Aid Nail Kit is a must! Don't allow a chipped nail ruin your manicure on your wedding day. I recommend packing a mini nail file, nail glue, solar oil and a bottle of polish to match your wedding nails. Ask your bridesmaids to prepare this for you and you will have one less thing to worry about.

That's my top 5 Bridal tips to ensure you have the perfect nails on your special day... Whether you are a bride to be or not these are great tips to follow if you are looking for longer, healthier nails.

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