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Nail Ridges: Are they a cause for concern?

Hi Everyone,

As you may already know my aim this January is to educate you on the importance of caring for your natural nails. Nail ridges seem to be a very common nail imperfection. The direction of the ridges can indicate very different things.Let's take a look at what ridges can indicate.

Beau's Lines (Horizontal Ridges)

Ridges across the nail plate are commonly known as Beaus lines. These lines run from nail wall to nail wall. They can be as a result of trauma to the nail plate, illness, or can be caused by infection. It is also a common condition that may appear when undertaking chemotherapy.

If you notice vertical lines on the nail plate, its best you consult with your doctor to avoid further complications. After you talk to your doctor you can help this condition at home by :

  • Applying antiseptic cream, if there are signs of infection.

  • Massage the nail plate daily - paying particular attention to the matrix - using cuticle oil. I always recommend CND SolarOil.

  • Keep the nail short by trimming regularly.

  • Avoid nail polish remover, limiting usage to twice a month.

  • A multi Vitiaman and Zinc Supplement must be taken daily

Veritical Lines

These are extremely common and nothing to worry about. The lines extend from the base of the nail to the free edge. I sometimes suggest to my clients that they show them to their doctor, the next time they visit the clinic, as it can indicate they are lacking in iron or vitamin B. Lacking in VitB may also cause white spots.

Vertical lines can become more prominent with age also. To help even out the nail surface and enhance your natural nail I suggest you try CND RidgeFX.

CND RidgeFX can be used on it own, or as a base coat underneath any polish. It is so easy to use and extremely effective.

Top Tips:

  1. Shake the bottle vigorously to blend

  2. Apply a thin layer of RidgeFX to the extension edge and nail surface.

Its as simple as that!

Forget about using any other base coat, this is the only one you need.

I hope you have found this post both informative and helpful.

I hope to educate as many people I can on the importance of caring for the natural nails, and to understand that the nail plate can tell us so much about the health of our bodies.

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Catriona Holt

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