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JANUARY NAIL DETOX Top Tips to Grow Healthy & Strong Nails.

'Should I take a break from having Gelish or Shellac applied to my nails?'

Being honest, this will depend on how your nail plate looks after the product is removed.

I am noticing an increase in dry hands and dehydrated nails among clients lately, which tells me that these hands and nails need extra TLC & nourishment this month!

So how will you know for sure?

  • If the nail plates look healthy and you follow the correct homecare advice then you are perfectly fine to continue having your Gelish or Shellac manicure.

  • However, if the nails are weak, dehydrated or if your product is not lasting at least two weeks, I would recommend you take a break and focus on nourishing your nail plate with a mini manicure and CND VINYLUX.

Don't panic! Luckily, taking a break does not mean you have to avoid polish and have plain, boring nails. Let's face it, January needs a splash of colour to brighten up those post-Christmas Blues!

If your nail technician decides you need to take a break from Shellac or Gelish polishes, there are plenty of other manicure options for you!

Firstly, do not remove Gelish or CND Shellac by picking or peeling it off. Make an appointment for a nail consultation, and have your product removed professionally.

Creative Hands Recommends:

1. Remove product and treat the nails at home for 2-4 weeks using CND RESCUERXx

CND RESCUERXx is a highly effective new treatment from CND that repairs damaged nails with the power of keratin, protein, and moisturising jojoba oil. This is a treatment product for damaged or peeling nails. Its applied directly onto the nail plate. I suggest this is done at night, mainly because polish can’t be applied on top of this product. With daily use, peeling and white spots are dramatically reduced.

2. Use CND SolarOil daily

CND SolarOil is a product that every woman should have in their handbag or on their desk. This product is a constant Instyle Awards Winner since 2003. CND SolarOil is infused with Jojoba oil and Vitamin E. Repeated use drives nutrients in deeper which is why I recommend it to all of my clients and advise them to use it twice daily.

3.Take Udo's Choice Oil Blend

I’m recommending this to all of my clients at the moment. In 5 days I noticed a difference in my weight, skin, hair and nails. Udo's Choice Oil is the perfect mix of the good fats that we need.

I take 2-3 desert spoons in orange juice every morning. It is available in any good pharmacies, or health store, and also online at www.discountsupplents.ie

4. Have regular manicures

My advice would be to have two manicures a month. Depending on your budget you may like to opt for one full manicure & one mini manicure. Talk to your nail technician and work out a package that is tailored to your needs. A nail consultation can be carried out after 4 weeks to determine how quickly the nail plate is repairing.

So who's taking part in the January Nail Detox?

Let's have your natural nails ready for Spring 2020!

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