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Creative Hands: Your Hands Are Amazing!

This post was always going to be a little different, not only is it my first, but its a chance for me to emphasise how precious - and how important - our nail and hands are. We're all guilty of taking them for granted - but we should remind ourselves how lucky we are to have our Creative Hands!

I have spent time studying anatomy and physiology to get a real sense of how our bodies work. Aside from the study - and the thousands of hands I’ve worked with - I’m fascinated still by the way the condition of our nails change from season to season. How a week in the sun can strengthen our nails, or how fast the nail plate can lose moisture if exposed to the cold.

Just like the condition of nails in bad weather, the industry itself changes at a rapid pace - and that’s why I’m always learning. Everyday I’m mastering a new technique or trying a new product. And even though I’ve read the right books, completed the best courses, and always have had a great hands-on experience, the secret to being the best nail technician I can be is to stay ahead of the curve and continue to learn.

One thing I’ve learned, above everything else, is that our hands are great ambassadors to represent who we are. Our own hands, can reflect our mood and our personality. The colour polish you use, nail art you display or jewellery you wear is your story to the world. The touch of a person’s hands can instantly ease, comfort, and console. Your hands can showcase the most precious diamonds in the world and at the same time hold the most precious person in your life.

When my son Calvin was born I remember being fascinated by his tiny hands, long fingers, and his precious little nail plates so perfectly formed. I remember that warm feeling I used to get when he held his hands around my finger to comfort himself during feeding. Now I treasure the time I get to hold his hand walking him to the school gate or crossing the road because I know before long he will have outgrown this stage.

Begining this post, I set out to write something light! But I guess it went much deeper to broadcast that simple message: Your Hands Are Amazing! They’re on show every day, so we should care for them every day too!

My goal now is to run a series of blogs that will inform everyone on the importance of their hands and nails. Its going to be informative, fun, and interactive!

We’ll look at home-care, different products, the best of manicures and pedicures, the hottest trending nail colours, and all the tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the last decade.

Whatever your level: nail technician to nail-biter, there’s going to be something for everyone! I hope we can do this full-circle, and get you involved: hearing your stories, sharing your tips, and finding out what you’re loving at the moment!

Your hands portray how you’re feeling to the world. Take a look at yours: What story are they telling?

Catriona Holt

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